How to use a Freeze Alarm without a phone line.

Everyone wants to protect their home, vacation home, rental property etc. but maintaining a permanent land line connection at the property can be costly. Surely there’s a better way, especially when you really only need to monitor the property in the winter months?

There is!

Introducing the MARCELL Freeze Alarm, a completely stand alone cellular system.

The HS-500-SL is a cellular Freeze Alarm dialer system with flexible plans, cloud connection and the ability to add wireless sensors.

Out of the box the HS-500SL will monitor for temperature and humidity alarm conditions as well as power outages, plus the alarm has a built in wireless receivers for additional sensors which can be added on at later dates.

The HS-500 communicates via the cellular network back to the online cloud where users can easily log in from anywhere via any computer, smartphone, tablet etc.

With flexible plans available ranging from month-month, seasonal (4 month contract) and annual starting from just $8.25 per month* the HOMESITTER 500 SL makes a lot of sense, for a lot of people. Don’t  wait until winter is here, install your cellular freeze alarm now!

*Price as of 07/29/2015

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