All New FloodStop Leak Sensors and Shut Off’s

Water leaks originating from hot water heaters, washing machines or toilets can be disastrous. They can be especially costly when these leaks occur in an unoccupied condo or hotel unit. Large insurance claims for condo buildings and hotels are regularly filed for water damage to multiple units, all originating from one leaky pipe or loose fitting. When these units are unoccupied no one is there to notice the leak, and so it can flood the unit started and begin to leak down to the unit below ruining it as well. This can often go on for several stories before the leak is discovered.

A cost effective way to drastically reduce the risk of this happening in your condo or hotel building is to install the Floodstop devices on the most common culprits of water leaks. These are usually the water heater, washing machine (if applicable) and toilet.

Easy to setup and install the Floodstops are a great way to quickly protect your investment from damage and potential lost revenue in the form of lost rentals during repair time.

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