Sensaphone Sentinel – Cloud Based Sensaphone Monitor!

The brand new (2015) Sensaphone Sentinel is a cloud based monitor and alarm unit from Sensaphone. This monitoring unit will feature 12 separate inputs and can store an unlimited number of data logged records for each input and sensor.

The Sentinel will have the ability to alert users and personnel via e-mail, telephone call and/or text messaging. It will also be available with a built in cellular modem for use in mobile or remote locations where internet connectivity is unavailable.

For installers and integrators this will be the first unit which will allow multiple devices (Sentinels) to be used under one online cloud account. This will be a significant improvement for our installers who are used to having to keep track of individual accounts for each CELL682 they install.

Stay tuned or contact us to find out when the Sentinels become available!

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Sensaphone SCD-1200