Sensaphone 400 Common Uses

The Sensaphone 400 is a temperature alarm system that is capable of doing so much more! The FGD-400 features four (4) unique inputs or zones. Out of the box Zone 1 has a temperature sensor connected to it leaving three additional inputs to monitor sensors of your choosing.

Common Applications for the Sensaphone 400 Alarm Dialer:

As a Cottage Sitter:

Cottages, chalets and other vacation homes are typically unoccupied for extended periods of time, and these unoccupied times usually occur during the winter when the buildings are the most vulnerable to freeze damage. The Sensaphone 400 will monitor the temperature at the location and many owners will add water sensors and motion sensors to the FGD-400 to fully protect their second home from both environmental (temperature and water) problems as well as provide a layer of security with the motion sensor(s).

As a Greenhouse Monitor:

Greenhouses and garden centers can have very sensitive temperature and humidity requirements. The Sensaphone 400 is perfect for monitoring the temperature and humidity conditions at multiple (up to 4) areas within the greenhouse and alerting personnel when the conditions go outside of the programmable ranges.

As a Livestock Monitor:

Similar to greenhouses, livestock barns are sensitive to temperature fluctuations, and with that, power outages. The Sensaphone 400 will monitor for power outages wherever it is plugged in, and with the 6 C Cell battery backup can continue to operate and monitor conditions for hours during a power outage. This makes the Sensaphone very popular in hog barns, chicken barns, etc. where the owners/operators need to be notified as soon as possible in the event of a power outage or temperature spike (I.e should the fans stop).

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