WiFi Hot Tub Temperature Monitor!

A frozen hot tub can be a nightmare for any hot tub owner. The hot tub itself is typically destroyed and depending on how quickly the damage is detected the property damage can be devastating. With that in mind hot tub owners contact us every year looking for a system which will monitor the water temperature in their spa and alert them, a neighbor etc. should that temperature ever drop below a critical threshold.

This winter we are very happy to offer the TEMPSPOTFL (TEMPSPOT sensor with a water temperature probe). This is a self contained, battery powered WIFI unit. Simply place the probe in the Hot Tubs water and the unit will automatically begin monitoring the water temperature. Should the water ever fall below (or rise above) your programmed temperature set points the unit will automatically alert you via a Text Message and/or Email.

The unit communicates via your WIFI network back to the Spot Protect servers where all of the information, programming etc. is available to you free of charge in your Spot Protect Cloud. Simply log in to your account within the cloud and instantly have access to all of your sensors information and programming options.

WIFI Hot Tub Temperature Sensor
WIFI Hot Tub Temperature Sensor
Frozen Jacuzzi
Prevent this from happening to you!