New Driveway Alarm System with Camera

The Optex iVision-2000 Plus /w Optex TD20U wireless driveway sensor is a new wireless video and intercom system from Optex. It gives the user the ability to combine an infrared motion sensor with a wireless camera system.

When a person or vehicle passes by the TD20U sensor, a signal will be sent to the IVP-GU Optex iVision Gateway Unit to sound the chime alerting users to the presence of the visitor(s). At that time, the IVP-DU doorbell will sound and the camera will turn on and begin live streaming video and audio to the IVP-HU unit. The IVP-HU handheld receiver will then have video showing at that time, and the user can see on the handheld who has arrived.

The doorbell unit (with built in camera) must be wired to power in order to be effective and reliable at all times.

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