Most Popular Freeze Alarms for Homes and Cottages

Many property owners being looking around for a way to be alerted to falling temperatures in their homes due to furnace failures or power outages this time of year. A freeze alarm or temperature alarm device is what is required to do this.

What is a freeze alarm?

A freeze alarm is a device that monitors the temperature in real time and alerts the user(s) if the temperature drops below a threshold, allowing the home owner to rectify the problem and save the property from freezing, pipes bursting etc.

What do I need to know when choosing my freeze alarm?

  1. What type of communication platform you’re going to have at your location. I.e. Landline, cellular coverage, Internet etc.
  2. How you want to be alerted. I.e. Phone call, text message, email. (This will in large part already be determined by the communication platform you have available.)
  3. Other conditions you may wish to monitor for now, or in the future. Examples are water leaks, intrusion, humidity etc.

So what are my options?

  1. FAI-CCA– This is the most popular freeze alarm device we carry. It does require a phone line connection, however if you don’t have or want a landline you can use a cellular gateway or Bluetooth terminal instead.
    • Calls with a voice message that announces the temperature and that there is an alarm.
    • Calls up too three (3) phone numbers.
    • Monitors for high OR low temperature alarm and power outages.
    • Temperature alarm point is adjustable.
    • Allows user to call in and get a real time temperature reading, any time.
  2. FGD-0400– The Sensaphone 400 is a very popular complete alarm dialer system. It also requires a phone line connection, but again if you don’t have or want a landline you can use a cellular gateway or Bluetooth terminal instead.
    • Out of the box monitors for high and low temperature alarms, power outages and high noise alarms.
    • Has 3 additional alarm inputs for adding sensors.
    • Calls up to four (4) phone numbers when an alarm is detected.
    • Remote status updates and programming via telephone.
  3. Freeze Alarm HS-500SL– This is brand new for 2015. It is a flexible cellular freeze alarm device that is capable of monitoring wireless water and temperature sensors. All programming, monitoring etc. is done through the internet via a free cloud account.
    • Data logs temperature readings automatically and uploads them to the free cloud account.
    • Flexible cellular plan options.
    • Monitors for temperature and power outages.
  4. TEMPSPOT– This is a WiFi temperature alarm. Perfect for us a simple, but effective remote temperature monitoring device.
    • Free to own and operate.
    • Monitors for user selectable high AND low temperature thresholds.
    • Data logs the temperature for real time viewing in the free cloud account.
    • Will email and text message when an alarm occurs.

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