Sensaphone 400 Review

The Sensaphone 400 is a versatile and robust alarm dialer. It features four universal inputs which can monitor temperature probes (Sensaphone models) or any Normally Open or Normally Closed contact. Perfect for DIY alarm installations the Sensaphone has a built in auto dialer which will call up to four different phone numbers when an alarm event occurs. This means the user will not have any monthly monitoring fees etc. as the Sensaphone is not calling alarm companies etc. unless that is who the installer/owner programs into the device.

The Sensaphone 400 is very easy to install and program, requiring only a power outlet and standard RJ11 phone jack to an active telephone line it really is, “plug and play” simple. The unit can be easily programmed using the onboard keypad with easy to read buttons or by phoning into the unit using a touch tone phone and following the command prompts.

The unit is very affordable and can offer comprehensive protection from environmental conditions such as water leaks, temperature extremes as well as from intrusion, vandalism or burglary. Ideal for monitoring second homes or investment properties the Sensaphone alarm can often actually lower insurance premiums on these typically unoccupied premises.

The Sensaphone 400 also features a dry contact relay output which can be programmed to close or open when a specific alarm condition is detected or remotely over the telephone. This gives the Sensaphone 400 some home automation capabilities. This can also be used to toggle dual thermostats between modes remotely, again perfect for vacation homes where owners may want to warm up or cool down the home prior to their arrival.

One thing to keep in mind when purchasing an alarm unit is the type of communication the alarm will use to alert users to alarm conditions. With cell phones becoming more and more prevalent many home owners are dropping landlines, if that is the case the Sensaphone Web 600 should be considered or the Sensaphone 400 with Cellular Gateway package.

Sensaphone 400
Sensaphone 400 Alarm