Gift Ideas for this Holiday Season

It’s that time of year again and the holidays are quickly approaching. If you’re finding it difficult too decide what to give your loved ones this year, why not check out some of our common suggestions!

The CookStop is a kitchen safety device that can help grandparents stay in their homes longer. Unattended cooking is the number one cause of household fires, and elderly persons can be especially vulnerable to this type of hazard with short term memory loss, being easily distracted etc. The CookStop will automatically cut power to the stove if it detects it has been left unattended for a user-programmable period of time. 
The DCPA-2500 is a reliable and easy to use driveway alarm system. The system uses a metal sensor so there will never be false alarms from birds, animals, pets etc. moving around in front of the sensor. The sensor then transmits a wireless alert signal up to 2500 feet back to a chime unit inside the home which will instantly play a pleasant doorbell style tone to let people know someone has pulled in the drive. The system is expandable and as many driveway sensors and indoor chimes can be used together as preferred. Many larger homes use two chimes to ensure that no matter where you are in the home , you will still be alerted.
The Optex iVision Plus is a wireless video intercom system, perfect for seeing who’s at the door from anywhere on your property, and deciding whether or not to answer the bell. The two way intercom also means you can have a conversation with the visitor after they’ve rung the bell.
Travelling Friend
Perfect for any snowbird or frequent flyer friends, a freeze alarm or temperature alarm device will help protect their home during their absence. These devices monitor the air temperature, and if that temperature goes above or below user programmable set points an alarm will be triggered via either a phone call or a text message/email.
Phone Call – FAI-CCA –
Text – TempSpot –