Exciting New Cellular Alert Product

Throughout the year we receive requests for an alarm system that can be used in a location with no power, no buildings (shelter), no phone lines or internet connections, etc.  This always been a very difficult solution to provide, until now!

The xProxy is perfect, it can accept NO or NC triggers, comes in a completely weatherproof enclosure, has a built in battery which will power the unit for 5-7 years AND all cellular connections fees etc. are built into the cost of the unit. That means there are no recurring monthly or annual payments due. The plan is good for 4000 alarm events, or the batteries lifespan (which ever comes first).

So what can you do with the xProxy? Pretty much anything, it can easily be connected to any of our driveway alarms (see the Spot Guard for an example) to have a driveway sensor in a remote location that will notify you of visitors.

If you’re looking to receive an alert or alarm notification, from a location that does not have ‘hard’ communication lines available (phone line, internet etc.) this is likely a good solution for you. Give us a call at 1-888-885-9910 or email me directly at – n.mcbride@absoluteautomation.com – and we’d be happy to see what sort of solution we can provide for you.