Driveway Alarms Systems

Why settle for anything less than the best? Our inventory consists of only the very best products to notify you when a visitor,  delivery vehicle, or unwanted trespasser enters or exits your property, home, or business alike.

There are two different detection devices available. One detects motion and the other metal. The motion detector as it sounds will detect movement of vehicles, people, and large animals. If you live in an area where there are frequently deer around, you may get false signals caused by the deer.

You can get detectors in wireless and wired. Of course the wired system requires you to run a wire between the sensor and the monitor whereas the wireless detector doesn’t.

If you have a driveway as long as a couple of miles you can still use wireless driveway alarms. The MURS Alert has a range of up to four miles in perfect conditions.  It will sound a verbal “Alert Zone One” message when the sensor is triggered.

Research is important for any purchase, but users should definitely make it a priority when purchasing a security system, simply for the device’s purpose, which is protection.

Wireless driveway alarm systems also makes an excellent warning device to let you know when your children pass a certain point in your yard. If you don’t want your children to go too close to the street, set the driveway alarm up ten feet (or more) in front of the curb. If the alarm sounds, you can stop your children before they reach the street.