Don’t wait for Fall to purchase and install your Freeze Alarm!

Every Fall and early Winter we have a MASSIVE rush on all of our Freeze and Temperature Alarm units. Last winter the rush was so extreme it led to continental backorders as the manufacturer could not keep up with the demand. Don’t let that happen to you. Leaving your cottage unoccupied through the freezing temperature season without some type of temperature monitoring in place can lead to disastrous results. Furnaces fail, thermostats fail and when they do things can go very wrong very quickly.

Start your research now and install your alarm device during the cottage season while it is convenient for you. The most popular units require a phone line to operate, but no landline? No problem! We offer a variety of cellular options which can be very cost effective, especially if only activated throughout the 3-4 coldest months of the year.

There are four common cottage or cabin monitoring requests, indoor temperature, water leaks/floods, security and hot tub water temperature (mostly for chalets!).

If you’re looking to simply monitor indoor temperature than the FAI (Freeze Alarm Intermediate) is an excellent unit, if you’d like to also monitor for intrusion OR water leaks the FAD2 (Freeze Alarm Deluxe) is an excellent option. We even have a special on currently where you can purchase the FAD2 with either the motion sensor or the water sensor included for free.

If you’d like to monitor EVERYTHING the Sensaphone 400 is a very popular alarm dialer with four distinct inputs for monitoring just about any condition you can think of (contact us to find out what types of sensors are available for the FGD-400).

All of the above devices require a phone line, so if you don’t have a land line at your property you’d want to check out either our XLINK Bluetooth gateway or our OPGSURFERIII Cellular Gateway as add-ons for the alarms.

If using a phone dialer isn’t your thing, but your cottage, cabin or chalet has WiFi check out our new SpotProtect line of WiFi sensors. Just introduced last year they’ve proven to be an excellent addition to our lineup of alarm and monitoring products.

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