Low Temperature Alarm System with a Light to Notify Neighbors

Many home owners are looking for a basic temperature alarm system which will activate a light in their window to notify neighbors of low temperature conditions in their unoccupied home. This was a very common method of remote temperature monitoring before alarm dialer systems became so prevalent. However, we have come almost full circle again with many home owners either not having land lines at all or cancelling their land line service while they are not occupying the home. This makes dialer systems useless, so the home owners are again looking for a freeze or temperature alarm kit which will simply notify a neighbor to a problem in the home.

The new Low Temperature Strobe Alarm will do just that. The user can set the temperature limit to whatever they like, when the temperature falls to that point the strobe light will activate quickly catching the attention of an observant neighbor or monitoring professional.

View the Low Temperature Strobe Alarm here:

USA – http://www.absoluteautomation.com/freeze-alarm-with-strobe-light/

Canada – http://www.absoluteautomation.ca/freeze-alarm-light-p/wnea200strobe.htm

Freeze Alarm with Strobe
Freeze Alarm with Strobe