Receive Text Messages from your WaterCop or Sensaphone!

The all new SwitchSpot WiFi Dry Contact Sensor can be used to send text messages when your WaterCop leak detection system, or your Sensaphone 400 alarm dialer detect alarm conditions!

Both the Sensaphone 400 and the WaterCop Controller have a relay output built in, which closes when an alarm is detected. By simply adding the SwitchSpot WiFi Sensor to your system and creating your free account at you can instantly begin receiving email and test messages whenever your Sensaphone or WaterCop detect an alarm!

Perfect for:

Any WaterCop Installations : Know when/if  your WaterCop system has been tripped!

Sensaphone Installations where: A backup notification method would be beneficial, or where dropping the existing phone line and keeping or adding WiFi internet would be preferred.