Photo Beam Sensors Have Key Advantages Over Passive Infrared Systems

Distinct advantages in the way photo beams security systems work when compared to PIR (passive infrared) systems should be taken in account for home and business owners alike looking to install or upgrade a perimeter security system.

While no one likes to think about their home or business being broken into, the fact is a burglar can strike any of us – at any time. Even if you live or own a business in a low crime neighborhood, that doesn’t stop thieves from targeting your property. No security system is perfect, but having no security system makes your home or business that much easier to break into than a home or business with a system.

If you are considering installing a wireless infrared home security system be sure to consider that while there are many options out there – each has distinct advantages and disadvantages!  After owning and operating a business for several years – and having taken advantage of both PIR and photo beam systems to secure my property, there is one thing I have come to loathe above all – false alarms!  There’s nothing like the stress of a midnight phone call, a panicked rush to contact the proper authorities – only to find that the culprit is the neighbourhood cat!

The distinct advantage of photo beam security over PIR security is evident in the way photo beams work. Two units create an ‘upper’ and ‘lower’ beam between each other. Photo beams are a thin beam, unlike many PIR alarms which have a vertical and horizontal spread beam with a limited detection distance. Both photo beams must be broken prior to alarm signal being sent so photo beam sensors eliminate false alarms caused by falling leaves, branches, animals and movement of vegetation due to weather – problems consistantly noted with PIR systems – by myself personally and admitted unabashedly by providers and retailers.

These type of sensors are not a new technology by any means!  They are currently one of the best established security solutions in the market place. Photobeams provide an invisible ‘fence’, which when broken by an intruder creates an alarm condition. This makes them particularly suitable for perimeter protection.

Unique technology innovations made by leading designers provide a wide range of functions that greatly simplify installation while maintaining reliable performance, even in adverse weather or poor environmental conditions.

Quite simply, photo beam perimeter security have taken active infrared detection to a new level of reliability and protection against false alarms!