Greenhouse Temperature Alarms

Spring is in the air, and it’s got a lot of people itching to get planting their vegetables, flowers, or crops. Greenhouse operators can begin planting from seed in their hot houses this time of year, allowing them to have transferrable plants ready for a jump start on the growing season.

Every year greenhouse operators experience losses (sometimes devastatingly so) when a furnace or other piece of equipment quits and the greenhouse freezes, killing all seedlings. One of the best ways to avoid this type of catastrophe is to utilize a type of temperature alarm in the greenhouse that will alert the appropriate personnel and or owner(s) when the temperature inside falls to a critical level.

We carry several options for greenhouse monitoring;

Small Scale – Live on Site:

greenhouse temperature alert
The wireless temperature alert is great for small scale or hobby greenhouse operations where the owner/operators live on site. The temperature sensor monitors for both user selectable high and low-temperature thresholds. When the temperature hits either threshold a wireless signal is sent up to 2500 feet back to the home or office where the chime is plugged in. The chime will ring continuously until the temperature goes back into an ‘OK’ range.

Larger Operation with Multiple Houses

wireless greenhouse temperature alarm

The Sensaphone WSG-30 is an excellent alarm and monitoring system for mid-sized greenhouse operations. Capable of monitoring up to 30 different wireless sensors it can monitor many temperature locations at once, and will record a data log of the temperature readings. Each sensor has a wireless range of 300 feet and will operate as a wireless repeater for other WSG wireless sensors, perfect for use in long rows of greenhouses. The main alarm unit connects to the internet through the local LAN and will trigger alert text messages, email etc. when temperature conditions at any of the sensors are in ‘alarm’.