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Summer is coming to an end, and as we enter into autumn, the temperature begins to drop and we begin to recall the horrors of winters past: frozen pipes, ruined basements, damaged valuables, and countless hour’s lost in cleanup and phone calls with your insurance company. Unfortunately, it is only after that people experience these great misfortunes that they begin to look into ways at preventing it. One of the most reliable ways is by purchasing a Freeze Alarm.

A Freeze Alarm is a device that monitors temperature level inside the home and contacts you when it drops below a preset level.  There are so many different types of devices that can perform this task that it can be a little overwhelming.

You first need to decide how you would like to be notified: by text, phone call, or email. To be notified by a phone call you will need a phone line for your freeze alarm to plug into. If you do not have a phone line in your home, there are cellular devices that you can use to connect your freeze alarm. If you would like to be notified by text or email you will need access to WiFi. If you do not have an internet connection in your home, there is also a device that can provide a WiFi signal through a cell phone with a data plan.

Here are a select few of the most popular and reliable freeze alarms available on the market. All of these devices are considered Do It Yourself Friendly and you are not charged a monthly monitoring fee!

Telephone notification


The Intermediate Freeze Alarm will dial up to 3 separate phone numbers with an automated message when it detects temperature has fallen below a limit (set by the user) and will also call to alert the owner to extended power outages. The Freeze Alarm Intermediate allows you to call in to check your current temperature, power and backup battery levels. There is a backup battery that will allow your freeze alarm to call you even during a power outage. This easy to program device is a favorite for those who are looking for a simple and reliable way to monitor the temperature in their home.

Here are some customers reviews on the FAI-CCA.

From Unknown: Works as advertised 

I found the Freeze Alarm easy to install and the instructions were well written. It tested well. Feel better about leaving our home unattended from time to time.

From Ralph: Good machine 

It was simple to set up although you have to use a phone to program it as it doesn’t have a keypad built in. The first week we had it we had a long power outage and it did its job calling us but the battery died after a few hours so we couldn’t check the status anymore. We have since bought the extra battery pack which should help. Overall pleased


The Sensaphone 400 will dial up to four different phone numbers and monitor up to 4 different conditions. If you would also like to monitor for power outages, water leaks, motion, fire, and intrusion then this is the device for you. Sensaphone is made in the USA and is also very easy to install and setup. With a back up batteries that last for 24 hours, Sensaphones are extremely sturdy and reliable. More sophisticated Sensaphone alarm panels are an industry standard and are frequently used to monitor anything from farms to computer server rooms.

Here are some customers reviews on the FGD-400.

From Russ: Great Quality! 

Wow… what a machine. Does more than I expected and amazing American built quality! I just needed it to monitor my second home for freezing but it does so much more than that. I am going to buy one for my parent’s cabin.

From Scott: Perfect for the farm 

This device is just great. I have a farm, and it has helped me save the crop a few times! The one I have is 6 years old, and still works like a champ. It has multiple zones, calls multiple numbers if it can’t get the first number it calls, and is very persistent. One night in particular I was sleeping, and it called me, and woke me up the 14th time it had called my cell phone number. If you are in need of a temp. alarm, get this one. You will not be disappointed.

Text or email notifications


The Tempspot is a small device that works off your local Wi-Fi to connect to the internet for remote monitoring through an online personal profile. Not only does it allow you to check in and view your homes temperature, it also immediately contacts you if the temperature goes outside of user programmable thresholds. It is a little more challenging to set up as it requires the downloading and installation of drivers as well as a small program on your local PC. But if you, or someone you know, love to play with the latest gadgets and value the exceptional service that they provide, this is the device for you.

Here are some customers reviews on the TEMPSPOT.

From Unknown: Great little machine 

Was skeptical about this when I purchased it, however it does exactly what I need and I can now feel comfortable with monitoring my house while we are away. I did need a little help with some of the set up, but the online support was great.

From Joey: Tricky at first, but worth it! 

It was a little tricky to get setup at first and understand all of the features. However once I got it going I can’t believe how easy to watch my home s temperature and make changes to the sensor over the internet.

No Landline or WiFi? Check out the B890 Cellular Gateway!

The Huawei B890 uses cellular technology to create a phone line and/or a Wi-Fi signal depending on the plan on the SIM card you choose to install with the system. Perfect for temporary or portable applications.


After you have determined which freeze alarm will suit your needs best, always remember to purchase from a respectable company that provides reliable tech and warranty support, a freeze alarm is useless if it is not set up correctly.


From Douglas Lesson learned 

Last year our vacation home furnace conked out in the middle of a particularly bad storm. One of our pipes ended up bursting and we ended up with one heck of a mess! Not happening this year 🙂

Learn from Douglas!


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