Trying to drop that pesky land line bill at the cottage?

Many of our customers call in with the same story, they’re paying $30 or $40.00 per month for a phone line service at their cottage or cabin that they ONLY have there to allow their Freeze Alarm system to continue to operate. This significantly increases the annual cost of protecting their vacation home from freezing temperatures.

So, what to do?

The fact of the matter is, any type of alarm that is going to communicate with property owners, managers etc. remotely is going to require some type of communication service. That could be internet, land line, satellite, cellular coverage etc.
So what is the most cost effective way of dropping the land line at the cottage and stopping those pesky monthly fees?
If you’d like to keep your existing Freeze Alarm Dialer system you’ll need to add a ‘cellular gateway’. This is simply a cellular modem with a phone jack (RJ11) built in, you’ll unplug your Freeze Alarm telephone cable from your existing wall jack and into this jack on the Cellular Gateway. These devices require a SIM card from your cell provider to operate properly; typically inexpensive ‘Pay as you Go’ cards are the most affordable and offer the operator the most flexibility in regards to terms etc. You can view our B890 cellular gateway here – (
The easiest solution, which is just available this year (2015) is the Freeze Alarm HS500SL. It will replace your existing alarm dialers, but is a completely stand alone, cellular freeze alarm dialer. With flexible and very cost effective plan pricing it’s easily the simplest solution for dropping your land line bill while maintaining your freeze alert protection. You can view the HS500SL here – (