Entry Alerts and Driveway Alarms for Shops, Garden Centers and more.

Garden centers, farm markets and shops all have a need to be notified of customers or deliveries arriving at their places of business while allowing staff to remain mobile. With garden centers and berry farm’s staff are often out in the fields or greenhouses and can miss customers or deliveries arriving throughout the day.

We have several different options for these applications. If the total distance that the staff is going to be from the entry alert sensor is never going to be more than ~1500 feet the Dakota Alert 2500 driveway alarms would work as the sensor component and the PR-2500 pager receiver could be used as the portable receiver supplied to staff. Users can operate as many of the PR-2500 pagers as they like on the same entry alert system, allowing multiple staff to be alerted simultaneously.

If the application requires staff to be truly mobile (meaning they can be ANYWHERE with cellular coverage and be alerted) than the SWITCHSPOT WiFi sensor can be added to ANY entry alert system. As long as the entry alert receiver and SWITCHSPOT are in an area with WiFi coverage (I.e. the shops office, garden centers reception area etc.) than when the entry alarm is triggered the SWITCHSPOT will send out email and text alerts to staff letting them know someone has pulled in. This lets staff run to town or to a different farm even when they are expecting an important delivery.

Don’t miss a customer or delivery again! Install an entry alert now and be ready for the busy season!

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