Cottage Security with Dakota Alert MURS

Owning a cottage is a great way to escape the stresses of the city.  Because of the slower pace and relaxed way of life at a cottage many people do not consider security. This makes cottages a frequent target of thieve and burglars. One form of security that is very popular with cottagers is the driveway alarm. A driveway alarm is essentially like a doorbell in that it chimes you when a person or vehicle enters your property. This is excellent for alerting you when someone you are expecting, or someone you are not, arrives.

The Dakota Alert MURS series has a wireless range of 4 miles and uses two way communicator walkie-talkies as well as base station intercoms as chimes. The walkie-talkie allows cottagers to be out on their boat, on the beach, on a hike, or bike ride and still receive an alert that someone has arrived at your property.  The two-way voice communicator allows for voice communication between a walkie-talkie and a base station. This could be handy if you want to keep in touch with kids or simply give a heads up to those who stayed back at the cottage that you are returning for lunch or dinner. If you have multiple buildings you can use multiple base stations to create an intercom system.

There are two different types of sensors available with the Dakota Alert MURS series.  Where people detection is not necessary, we would recommend using the Magnetic Probe vehicle sensor. This sensor works by detecting moving metal so it only false alarms with a lightning strike. If people detection is necessary then we recommend the infrared driveway alarm sensor, however this sensor will detect anything that is warm that passes, including deer, dogs, bird and even sometimes warm leaves and grass.

With a system such as this you can enjoy the freedom and relaxation of cottage life without worry or unexpected surprises.