Who is at your door?

A doorbell works just fine for letting you know someone is at your doorstep. But you still have to go and find out who is there. Keep your family and home safe by installing a door intercom or visual communication system.

Below are 3 products Absolute Automation recommends:

Chamberlain Wireless Doorbell Intercom System

The Chamberlain intercom provides a convenient way of speaking to guests at your door from inside your home.

  • Outdoor Intercoms are weather proof
  • 1,000-foot range with no wires or power connection required
  • Crystal clear, secure 900MHz digital communication
  • Stylish and Modern Design
  • Improved controls make it easy to operate
  • Broadcast to all channels simultaneously or speak to one party with Secured Link
  • Single or multi-channel communication
  • Expansion with additional units can enhance your home’s communication to multiple locations
  • 2-year battery life; requires four AA batteries per unit
doorbell intercom

Enforcer Wireless Video Intercom

Always have a clear view of your home’s entrance! With this system you can see who is standing outside the door, as well as speaking with them. When a visitor, customer, courier etc. presses the doorbell the monitors inside will chime alerting the you to the visitor.

  • Talk with visitors and unlock doors or gates via the monitor.
  • Handheld allows convenient communication while moving around the premises.
  • Connect up to two additional monitors.
  • Includes a kickstand and charging base for the monitor.
  • Camera’s built-in PIR sensor takes photos of approaching visitors.
  • Up to 100 images can be stored in memory.
  • Camera has built-in LED’s for nighttime operation.
  • Tamper switch triggers alarm if camera is removed from its base.
  • Four programmable doorbell tones.

seco larm intercom

Driveway Alarm with Camera and Intercom

For added security a Driveway Alarm will alert you to a visitor before they reach your front door. When a vehicle or person passes enters the driveway a gateway unit which will sound a chime, it will then in turn also sound a chime on the handheld unit and turn on the camera on the camera/doorbell unit to instantly begin live streaming high quality video to handheld receiver.

  • System is expandable – additional chimes, sensors and intercom units can be added
  • 2000 foot wireless range from sensor to Gateway unit indoors
  • Micro USB Port in Handheld Unit for downloading stored images
  • Adjustable Camera Angle
  • “Door Release” Built into Camera Unit (allows users to release door strike remotely)

driveway alarm camera