What is the best driveway alarm?

This is a question we get asked A LOT. The answer is… it totally depends on your situation. With this in mind we have built an easy to use shopping assistant (go here to see which driveway alarm system is best for you).

With driveway sensors you have two options, either a sensor which detects people and vehicles, or a sensor which will detect vehicles only. Sensors which detect people will also detect large animals and will be more prone to false alarms; however they are generally less expensive than the vehicle sensing alarms and again they will pick up people which the vehicle alarms will not.

The magnetic vehicle sensors detect a change in the magnetic field around their sensor to trigger an alarm signal; generally the only sources of false alarms with these systems are nearby lightning strikes.

The infra-red motion sensing driveway alarm (people sensing) are almost ALWAYS wireless, meaning the outdoor sensor operates on some type of battery power. The battery life is typically at least 1 year, although the super long range and high powered systems like a MURS may have shorter battery lives.

The magnetic sensing driveway alarms are available in wireless and hard wired configurations; wireless is great for the extra long distances or applications where running a wire is not practical and hardwired driveway sensors eliminate the need for any batteries.

Our three most popular driveway alarms are:

  1. Optex Wireless 2000 – An infrared motion sensing alarm system with a wireless range of 2000 feet. The Optex features digital programming, expandability with door switches and sleek modern design.
  2. Rodann RXTX2000A – Another infrared motion sensing alarm, also with a 2000 foot wireless range, expandability with an available push button transmitter and indoor motion sensor PLUS all Rodann Electronics are made in the USA.
  3. Dakota Alert DCMA-2500 – Again this is an infrared motion sensing alarm, with a 2500 foot wireless range and expandability into door bells, door switches, indoor motion sensors and even magnetic driveway sensors available. The Dakota Alert system also has a pager receiver available to allow you to stay portable while still receiving driveway sensor alerts.

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