Summer Visitor Increase


Know who's at your door - before opening it!

Everyone could use the extra peace of mind knowing who is at the door before answering it.  While safety is always top most in our minds, being able to avoid door-to-door sales agents is not without it’s benefits!  With the first day of summer nearly upon us, the peak season of ‘door-knockers’ is as well.  No one wants to get up from a great movie or game or come in from the backyard on that perfect summer day to find the person at your door is someone you don’t want to talk to!


A simple solution?  Intercom systems!


Intercom systems can be wired, wireless and even come with video allowing a real time image of whomever is at your door!  Many intercom systems have a portable base station allowing you the freedom to see and talk to the person at the door wherever you are on your property.   Some wireless intercom systems have an incredible range of up to four miles!  Many intercom systems are very easy to setup and install.  With the variety of doorbell intercom systems available today – you can be sure to find an intercom solution that fits your budget and lifestyle!