Looking for a hard wired motion or beam sensor system?

We often have customers calling in who would like to install a motion sensor style of system but are not interested in changing batteries, worrying about wireless sensors etc. There are hard wired photo-electric and infrared sensors which are perfect for this application, but are understandably more complicated to install.

Typically these sensors are fairly flexible with their input voltage and 12VDC is ideal. 12VDC power adapters are readily available at any electronics store so with a voltmeter and an available power outlet customers can easily provide the sensors with a hard wired power supply eliminating the need for any batteries. The terminals on the units are always clearly laid out so it is easy to connect the correct leads to the appropriate terminals.

One misconception a lot of customers have is that these types of sensors will chime or activate some sort of alert mechanism out of the package. Typically they do not come with any type of actual audible or visual alert connected to them, however they offer a relay output which can be used to trigger lights, chimes or wireless transmitters which send signals to other devices. Again the terminals are laid out clearly and with wiring diagrams found in our knowledgebase installers can usually wire the systems fairly quickly.
At the end of the day these systems do take more effort and knowledge to install, but are rock solid with no batteries to worry about or wireless signals which can be interfered with or fail to reach their destination.