Security and Convenience for your Family

Security should be more than just protection; it should be peace of mind as well.  Video Intercom Systems allow you to see and communicate with people at your door without having to be at the door or to having to open the door, maximizing your family’s personal safety.

These products add security for older children home alone – allowing them to communicate through the monitor without opening the door.  Video Intercom Systems can also add convenience in homes where it takes time to reach the entrance, allowing you to talk to visitors right away – before you reach the entrance.  Some models of Video Intercoms have wireless monitors, allowing you to respond promptly even while you’re doing something else.  If a visitor calls while your busy cleaning, washing, gardening, etc., you can promptly respond and talk through the handheld wireless monitor.  Simply carry the wireless monitor with you and you can respond from any room convenient to you.  Most Video Intercoms can be hardwired for further security – allowing you to monitor the view from the camera unit and to see who rang your doorbell while you were out.

The ability to not only know when somebody is outside your home, but to view and talk to them from the safety and comfort of any location in your home is an invaluable addition to any home security system!