Making the home accessible and safe for the hearing impaired.

deaf or hearing impaired
Home automation products can make the home safe and accessible for the deaf or hearing impaired.


The use of technology can allow greater freedom for those who are hearing impaired or hard of hearing.

There are a great many home automation products that allow a deaf or a hard of hearing individual to make their home accessible and safe.

Strobe lights & Sirens can be connected to a multitude of alarms.  Entry alert alarms, power failure alarms, temperature extremes alarms, intrusion alarms, water incursion alarms, and sound alarms such as smoke and burglar alarms can all be wired to affect strobe lights or sirens to alert someone who is hearing impaired or hard of hearing.  These lights/sirens can be mounted anywhere; the front door, near the bed, in the kitchen etc.

Video Monitors/Security Cameras that have a live feed can be easily seen from anywhere in the house that has a television.

In conjunction with the strobe light or siren, these allow for a safe and secure way to know who is at the door before allowing anyone access.

With home automation products available online and delivered right to your door, the ease of installation for most products and the peace of mind that such products can bring – there has never been a better time to integrate these wonderful products into your home or into the home of someone you care for.

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