WiFi Sump Pump Alarm System

The SUMPSPOT is a WiFi Sump Pump Alarm System capable of sending out text messages and emails when the water level rises to a critical point. The SUMPBOBBER mounts easily inside your sump pit and has a 24 inch wire lead connected to its contacts making it very easy to connect the SUMPBOBBER to the leads coming from SWITCHSPOT WiFi sensor. The system will automatically check in once every two hours with the SpotProtect Cloud, if a check in is missed you will receive a notification that there may be an issue.

If at ANY time the SumpBobber detects a rise in water level text messages and/or emails are sent out INSTANTLY alerting you to the problem.

Quick and easy setup and completely battery powered with an estimated 5 year battery life make this the perfect system for monitoring your Sump pit and resting easy during those spring thaws!

US Shopping Cart – http://www.absoluteautomation.com/sumpspot-wifi-sump-pump-alarm-for-texting/

Canadian Shopping Cart – http://www.absoluteautomation.ca/sumpspot-wifisumppumpalarm.aspx

WiFi Sump Pump Alarm
WiFi Sump Pump Alarm