Author: Nathan McBride

Monitor your Property!

Don’t be surprised by a visitor at your doorway!  With a driveway alarm, you have advance notice of a person or vehicle entering your property and approaching your home.  A driveway monitoring system  will also serve as a security device by alerting you of unwanted visitors, perhaps in the middle of the night.  Many of

Driveway Alarms Systems

Why settle for anything less than the best? Our inventory consists of only the very best products to notify you when a visitor,  delivery vehicle, or unwanted trespasser enters or exits your property, home, or business alike. There are two different detection devices available. One detects motion and the other metal. The motion detector as

Intercoms are great

An intercom system is a great way of communication from office to office or from room to room in your home.  If the kids are in the basement rec room, no need to run down the stairs to speak with them.  Check out the intercom systems at Absolute Automation for a great variety of systems….even