Telular Replacement Options

With the Telular cellular terminals and gateways being discontinued many users are struggling to find a viable alternative. Telular offered an excellent, rugged cell terminal for land line replacement complete with backup power options.

The Janus POTSwap devices (POTS = Plain Old Telephone Service) are the replacement option Telular users have been waiting for! Available in a versatile HSPA or a EVDO (Verizon) model the Janus terminal can be used with most cell providers (users supply their own SIM cards).

These terminals are an excellent option to replace outdated Telular devices that cannot connect to the newer, faster cellular networks. Complete in rugged steel casings and with an available external backup battery the Janus is the best alternative or replacement for the Telular terminals that we’ve found yet.

View the Janus products at the below links:


Canada –

Telular Replacement Option

Janus Cellular Terminal

I have been in the alarm and control industry for the past 8 years. I am especially interested in the utilization of existing WiFi networks for alarm notification and control applications.


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    • I have been in the alarm and automation industry since 2006. I am particularly interested in seeing how the industry adapts as the number of home owners with traditional land line phone lines dwindles raising a need for WiFi and Cellular devices.