Solar Powered Driveway Alarms

Absolute Automation is proud to now offer TWO unique solar powered driveway or perimeter alarm systems. The STI is a magnetic sensing solar powered driveway sensor and the Dakota Alert BBA-2500 is a dual photo-electric beam system (perfect for driveway, entries or even as a perimeter alarm). We’ve been hearing a lot of positive feedback regarding both systems and are very excited about them.

I have been in the alarm and control industry for the past 8 years. I am especially interested in the utilization of existing WiFi networks for alarm notification and control applications.


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2 comments on “Solar Powered Driveway Alarms
  1. tyler says:

    These are very cool and could be useful in a variety of situations.

  2. admin says:

    Thanks Tyler! It looks like there may be some applications your company could even use these in!

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    • I have been in the alarm and automation industry since 2006. I am particularly interested in seeing how the industry adapts as the number of home owners with traditional land line phone lines dwindles raising a need for WiFi and Cellular devices.