Important Sensaphone Skymetry Update!

Please see the below note from Sensaphone regarding upgrading your existing Skymetry unit.

Sensaphone is rolling out a massive upgrade of all active Skymetry units to change the wireless technology from the Skytel paging network over to the cellular GSM network (e.g. AT&T and T-Mobile). This conversion is necessary (and required) due to the continually decreasing coverage area supported by Skytel – the current wireless network provider of the Skymetry. The upgrade is free, and your unit will be returned to you as soon as possible. Your refurbished device will be relabeled as a Sensaphone CELL682 and will be accessible online at

Sensaphone is dedicated to maintaining the highest possible reliability of our products and services, and we feel this is a necessary action to ensure that your assets continue to be monitored in a consistent and dependable fashion. We will assume the costs of adding the necessary components to make your unit function on the cellular network, all we ask is that you return your Skymetry to us for the institution of the cellular technology. This upgrade is not an option, as we will be discontinuing the use of the Skytel network once we have converted all existing units.

Please contact Sensaphone directly for further instructions if you have a Skymetry unit.

I have been in the alarm and control industry for the past 8 years. I am especially interested in the utilization of existing WiFi networks for alarm notification and control applications.


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    • I have been in the alarm and automation industry since 2006. I am particularly interested in seeing how the industry adapts as the number of home owners with traditional land line phone lines dwindles raising a need for WiFi and Cellular devices.