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Protecting a Holiday Rental Property Remotely

With the summer season on us cottage, cabin and other vacation property owners are beginning to ‘summerize’ their vacation homes and get them ready for the season. Whether you rent out your vacation home or not, it’s important to keep

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Spring Rains, Sump Pumps and Flooded Basements.

Spring is just around the corner, and with it the springs melt and spring rains. A big change in home use over the past 50 years has been the increased use of basement areas as valuable living space. This has

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The most common causes for home insurance claims are already in YOUR house. We can help!

Water damage is responsible for more homeowner insurance claims then fire, storms, and theft. Any water using appliance (dishwasher, washing machine, toilet, water heater etc.) should be looked at with a high degree of suspicion, don’t kid yourself they’re trying

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Water Leak Detection and Shut Off Systems for Condo and Hotel Towers

Water leaks in unoccupied or low occupancy condo and hotel towers leads to extremely costly water damage and insurance claims. Many resort style or vacation condominium towers are largely empty throughout the off-season, this leaves them especially vulnerable to water

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All new and wireless Sump Pump Alarm Dialer System

The New Wireless Sump Pump Alarm Dialer is a great way to have added protection in the event of a sump pump failure. The Sump Bobber is able to be attached to any pipe or inside the sump well with

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