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Stand Alone Cellular Sump Pump Alarm – Monitor High or Low Water Alarms and send text messages, emails etc.

Cellular Sump Pump Alarm – Completely Stand Alone and all Weather The SumpProxy is versatile and affordable sump pump alarm system.  Designed for indoor or outdoor use it’s battery operated with a 4-5 year battery life. It’s also a cellular

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What’s new for 2017?

First, thanks for a great 2016! As we look forward to 2017 and the new products or upgrades on existing products that it will bring we continue to see an existing trend, phone lines are being dropped. Fewer and fewer

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Text Messaging WiFi Freeze Alarm – No Phone Line Required

Looking for a text messaging Freeze Alarm? Check out the TempSpot. It’s a WiFi freeze alarm that will continuously monitor and report the temperature at its location to your free cloud account. If the temperature goes above, or below your

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Wireless driveway alarm that doesn’t require batteries, or solar power. Does it exist?

It does now! A common request is for a driveway alarm system which can send the signal wirelessly from the sensor back to the receiver inside, but is not battery powered at the sensor location. With powered gates, light posts

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MURS M538BS Base Stations are now back in stock!

After a lengthy back order the MURS Base Station units are back in stock! Order now –

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