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Dumb and Dumberer Criminals

Stupid Criminals

Need a good laugh? Here’s more true stories of crimes committed by clumsy crooks. Accidental Guilty Plea A man fired his lawyer while on trial for the armed robbery of a convenience store in Oklahoma City. An assistant district attorney

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Infographic for Home Protection! Inside a Burglars Mind.

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The Only Ones Not Smiling are the Criminals!

I think the best stories are the ones that make you laugh out loud instead of simply shaking your head.  Here’s a small collection of stories that made me laugh – or at the very least smile!  Hopefully they do

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    • I have been in the alarm and automation industry since 2006. I am particularly interested in seeing how the industry adapts as the number of home owners with traditional land line phone lines dwindles raising a need for WiFi and Cellular devices.