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Wireless driveway alarm that doesn’t require batteries, or solar power. Does it exist?

It does now! A common request is for a driveway alarm system which can send the signal wirelessly from the sensor back to the receiver inside, but is not battery powered at the sensor location. With powered gates, light posts

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MURS M538BS Base Stations are now back in stock!

After a lengthy back order the MURS Base Station units are back in stock! Order now –

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Exciting New Cellular Alert Product

Throughout the year we receive requests for an alarm system that can be used in a location with no power, no buildings (shelter), no phone lines or internet connections, etc.  This always been a very difficult solution to provide, until

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Who is at your door?

A doorbell works just fine for letting you know someone is at your doorstep. But you still have to go and find out who is there. Keep your family and home safe by installing a door intercom or visual communication

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Spring Project – Installing a Driveway Alarm

Tired of being surprised by visitors, or missing deliveries even when you’re home? A driveway alarm system is a great way to receive an early warning every time a vehicle enters your laneway. The number of options out there can

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