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Green Energy!

We all know that there is more and more interest in using “green” energy….that which we get from the sun and the wind.  This is environmentally friendly which is very important.  Did you know that there are now driveway alarms

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It’s Freeze/Temperature Alarm Season!

This is the time of the year that we close up our cottages for the winter months.  What better way to ensure peace of mind than to install a device that will monitor the temperature and power status for you

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Expecting visitors?

Through the warmer months, and during holiday season, we tend to have more visitors, and more traffic through our driveways. A driveway alert will let you know whenever and vehicle or person has entered your driveway…a great convenience during these

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Water Damage is Costly!

Water and flood sensors are designed to detect water and will trigger an alarm if detection is made. The sensors can be stand-alone or can work (depending on model and design) with a phone dialer, a home alarm, or with

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Where Should I Install My Security Camera?

For many years, banks, casinos, gas stations, and other types of businesses have used surveillance cameras to catch robbers, burglars, shoplifters, and other criminals.  Now,  many home owners are finding that security cameras are the way to go to protect

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