Author: Amy Campbell

Wiring a Siren or Strobe Light to your Driveway Alarm

Many people who have discovered the advantages and practicality of using a driveway alarm to monitor driveway or laneway visitors often begin to wonder how to expand on their system.  For some they require a louder and more noticeable alert,

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Driveway Alarm Maintenance

You have decided that you need a driveway alarm, researched it, determined which system suits your needs, and are now ready to buy and install it. Most systems in most locations will last for many years or even decades. There

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Prevent a Flooded Basement

This summer has been a very wet one here in North America. Many people have found themselves with wet basements and this has gotten them thinking about how to protect themselves from this happening again in the future. There are

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Cottage Security with Dakota Alert MURS

Owning a cottage is a great way to escape the stresses of the city.  Because of the slower pace and relaxed way of life at a cottage many people do not consider security. This makes cottages a frequent target of

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Is is time for a security camera system?

Home security cameras are not just for the paranoid. Home security has many uses aside from simply preventing thievery. With a home surveillance system you can check on the status of your home while on vacation; it is as easy

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