Month: April 2016

Sensaphone Sentinel PRO Version Coming May – 2016

Building on the success of the Sensaphone Sentinel and Sentinel Cellular cloud based devices the Sentinel Pro has now been developed. There has long been a need for a wireless (3G etc.) modbus gateway. The system monitors, delivers alarms, and datalogs

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Who is at your door?

A doorbell works just fine for letting you know someone is at your doorstep. But you still have to go and find out who is there. Keep your family and home safe by installing a door intercom or visual communication

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Why install a Sensaphone 400?

The GREAT thing about a vacation is that you get away from home to relax! The BAD thing is that you’re not at home. Whenever you choose to get away, your pre-trip preparations should include home security measures, so you

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