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Our Black Friday sale has started now! Get 10% off all products in the linked category using coupon code BLACK10. The sale runs until Monday, Dec. 1st.

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Sensaphone Sentinel – Cloud Based Sensaphone Monitor!

The brand new (2015) Sensaphone Sentinel is a cloud based monitor and alarm unit from Sensaphone. This monitoring unit will feature 12 separate inputs and can store an unlimited number of data logged records for each input and sensor. The

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Freeze Alarms for SnowBirds

It always seems like SnowBirds have it all figured out. Head south when the weather gets bad and don’t return until it’s warm again! This sounds great, but it can sometimes lead to major insurance claims and bills. Leaving your

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What Freeze Alarm should I buy for my home or vacation property?

What Freeze Alarm should I buy for my home or vacation property? Probably the Freeze Alarm Intermediate, it is by far our most popular Freeze Alarm dialer. It is programmable so the user selects the low temperature threshold and programs

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All New FloodStop Leak Sensors and Shut Off’s

Water leaks originating from hot water heaters, washing machines or toilets can be disastrous. They can be especially costly when these leaks occur in an unoccupied condo or hotel unit. Large insurance claims for condo buildings and hotels are regularly

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    • I have been in the alarm and automation industry since 2006. I am particularly interested in seeing how the industry adapts as the number of home owners with traditional land line phone lines dwindles raising a need for WiFi and Cellular devices.