Month: June 2013

Happy Canada Day Weekend! 10% Off Site Wide on our Canadian Site

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Water Leak Sensors and Shut Offs for Hotels, Inns and Resorts

Hotels and resorts are not immune to problems which would typically befall only vacant, or rarely occupied properties. Guests have been known to leave water using appliances such as bath tubs, sinks etc. running for extended periods of time and

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Is is time for a security camera system?

Home security cameras are not just for the paranoid. Home security has many uses aside from simply preventing thievery. With a home surveillance system you can check on the status of your home while on vacation; it is as easy

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Take a DVR-01 on Vacation to Watch Your Hotel Room

Maggie and Joe get back to their room after dinner while on their Caribbean resort vacation and find that their room and safe have been broken into. A whole day of their valuable vacation time is lost in communication with

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Mier Products Introduces New Long Range Wireless Driveway Alarm Systems

Mier Products has long been an industry standard in the magnetic probe driveway alarm industry. The DA-500 Control Panels and DA-051 metal sensing probes have proven to be rock solid as hard wired vehicle sensing driveway alarm systems. The rugged

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