Month: June 2012

Solar Powered Driveway Alarms

Absolute Automation is proud to now offer TWO unique solar powered driveway or perimeter alarm systems. The STI is a magnetic sensing solar powered driveway sensor and the Dakota Alert BBA-2500 is a dual photo-electric beam system (perfect for driveway,

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Absolute Automation no longer owns, this should help to condense all site traffic to our main online stores located at (United States shoppers) and (Canadian Shoppers)

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Sensaphone WEB600 update announced.

The Sensaphone WEB-600 is receiving an upgrade in the near future which will include the addition of a relay output which be programmed to activate on specific alarm conditions or remotely triggered. This allows the WEB-600 to now operate just

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Opening your cottage?

No better time to purchase a Freeze Alarm or Cottage Sitter for your cottage. Don’t wait for the Fall, install it now and have it running smoothly before the cold weather hits! Check out all of our temperature alarms Here

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The Online Shopping Assistant

Absolute Automation has an online shopping assistant. Feeling overwhelmed with all our choices for driveway alarms etc? The assistant will walk you through some basic questions and give you a suggestion!

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