Month: May 2011

Peace of mind while on vacation!

Vacation this season with peace of mind knowing if anything happens at your home, cottage, greenhouse, livestock barn or server/equipment room while you are gone you will be the first to know!  You can easily keep track of conditions such

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Has your sump pump failed?

This time of year we depend greatly on the operation of the sump pump.  Unfortunately, these units can fail, causing thousands of dollars in damage, and ruining valuable belongings.  Thankfully there are several simple solutions to this problem.  The Water

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Freeze Alarm Season

With the cold weather approaching be sure to protect your second home with a freeze alarm dialer!

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Temperature Alarms

A temperature alarm will protect you from thousands of dollars in damage, due to broken water pipes or other disasters.  The power and temperature alarm will call you if the temperature drops too low, or if the power goes out. 

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Flood Alarm Reviews – Home Water Floods and Leak Sensors Alarm

The new Deluxe Freeze Alarm will protect your home from any freeze damage due to low temperatures. With these springs floods ruining basements you will also want to use the water sensor from Protected Home. Use this temperature and water

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